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The Metropolitan Club (Boston)

28 Feb

http://www.metclubandbar.com/ (There are a few other locations)

I would call The Met Back Bay an “all purpose” restaurant.

When you walk in you have two options of where to go… the downstairs is a large bar area with a few tables set up, and a ham and cheese bar area. Upstairs there is a bar/lounge area with comfy booths and a warm feel to it, as well as a restaurant section for full dining.

In the winter it feels cozy and in the summer (with the patio open), it will be a great place to sit outside and people watch on Newbury Street.

I would recommend this place for a date spot, business lunch or dinner, a girls night out, really you could come here for any occasion and at any age. I had a girls night there a few weeks ago, and my mom just had one there last week. You can make it as causal or fancy as you want… I have come, sat at the lounge, ordered some drinks and apps, and I have also been here while sitting in the dining room area and having a full course meal.

I really enjoy the food and drinks here. I am OBSESSED with the Back Bay Micro Chop Salad (which is a dinner size salad-HUGE, only $11, and comes with so many different ingredients that I can’t even name them all) Which is why I took a picture…(please keep in mind this is only a half portion, I split it with my friend because as you will see further down we had a lot of other food that night)

Some other meals that were ordered:

The report back was an A for the burger and fries.

This is an arugula salad with some mushrooms and lobster added to it…to be honest, compared to the amount of arugula and the size of the salad, there should have been more lobster added (but the lobster was very good).

This was one of my favorite entrée dishes that I tried. It’s the Tuna Steak with brown rice and spicy greens, cooked to perfection!

Mushroom & leeks and the truffle fries were two amazing side dishes (we also got the truffle corn which I wasn’t a huge fan off, a little too heavy).

The final touch….Chocolate Molten Cake with Caramel Filling and caramel ice cream on the side! Need I say more?



23 Feb

75 Federal St.
(between Franklin St & Sullivan Pl)
Boston, MA 02110
Neighborhood: Financial District

This is one of my favorite new lunch spots, quick, easy and a large selection of lunch choices all in one place! It’s a large open area with tables in the middle, and around the walls of the place are different stations. There is a pizza station (I LOVE the pizza there), a mediterranean meze bar, hot entrees, where you serve yourself and your food is weighed at the end, a sandwich/wrap section-where they have falafel wraps, kebabs etc…, make your own pasta, a dessert section (which is just OK), and then my FAVORITE section of all…the salad bar. I know you are probably thinking, typical. But this is unlike any other salad bar I know in Boston…and I have been waiting for one like this for a LONG time:)


Okay, let’s talk salad bar…a small (most places would call this medium size) salad is a flat rate of $6.75 (with a slice of pita) and you can get as many toppings as you want. And there are SO MANY TOPPINGS! To name a few… chicken, bbq chicken, egg whites, avocado, falafel, grape leaves, chopped tomatoes, corn, peas, different cheeses, different sautéed veggies (spinach, zucchini, etc..), different beans, honestly many many more. You tell the people making the salad what you want and there is NO LIMIT! All for a FLAT RATE! Then you of course get to pick your dressing and they toss it all together for you.

I kept saying how Boston has no salad places like this, yes there are some salad bars with half as many toppings, or ones that weigh it out at the end-so you never know how much your lunch is going to cost, an extra tomato might end up costing you more than you think… then there are other places that are over priced and along with not having as many toppings, charge for each additional topping (Tossed, Sebastions…). That’s why this place is ideal. They have a sister restaurant called Boston Kebab  House that also has the same salad, sandwich, and meze bar sections.

Along with the salad bar…the PIZZA is REALLY good too. I have had the regular veggie slice (wasn’t too cheesy and I like how the dough tasted) and a Sicilian pepperoni slice (doughy and delicious) both shown below.



Getting a seat during prime lunch time (12-1PM) is tough and the lines do get long, but they do a pretty good job at moving people quickly.

Next on my list to try there….I want to make my own pasta…. example below:


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